60 Days Submission (Part 4, page 2 of 17)

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Part 4

My heart beats lurches at his touch, a deep hunger growled within. Goosebumps rose along my arm, but I am not cold. No, I feel really warm. Very, very warm.

"Mr Stone, is this young lady your girlfriend?"

Darryl acknowledges with a nod and I'm left stumped as he draws me closer. The photographer taking two quick photos, moving along.

The cold air conditioned draft caresses my shoulders and I wish I had taken a shawl, smiling bright at the millionaires and celebrities gathered at the event.

The walls decorated with rich art work. Darryl skillfully snatched two glasses of champagne from a passing server, not spilling a drop.

My phone vibrated in my purse, but I let it go to voicemail as Darryl handed me a glass.

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