60 Days Submission (Part 3, page 2 of 18)

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Part 3

The leather creaked again and I thought about him leaning back against his sofa, the grit and thickness of his cock.

"Adela, my cock is extremely hard right now. Would it be rude of me if I asked you to come back to my office and take care of my problem. I have a meeting with a client in

the next two hours and I need something to help me relax."

He paused, allowing his words to take effect. He knows exactly how to get to me.

"I would love to see your tongue wrapped around the head...."

Honestly, I didn't listen to the rest, hanging up the phone. I didn't care if he got blue balls. Jamie is smiling at me, eyeballing me for a moment in silence. She is probably debating in her mind whether to push me about my phone call, but she shrugs it off walking away, stopping at the entrance.

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