60 Days Submission (Part 3, page 1 of 18)

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Part 3

"You like him." Jamie demanded, her voice cutting through my thoughts.


"Like him enough to....you know" leaning closer. "Fuck him."

"Maybe" smiling. Ok, I didn't mind fucking this insanely sexy god.

My phone rang and I answered it with my usual salutation.

"Currently I am thinking about you and all the things I intend to do to you."

The auditory sensation of his voice flooded me returning the ache.

"Have you started filling out the application?"

"No" I murmured, the creak of leather sounding over the phone. "I am working, so it will have to wait."

Jamie eyebrows rose

"I don't like this sort of thing: waiting, but if you insist. Just remember you have less than seven hours to reach a decision."

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