60 Days Submission (Part 6, page 5 of 16)

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Part 6


He looks so comfortable, so at ease, running his fingers through his hair. His action made my lower belly squeezed with lust and I regretted sitting here opposite him.


I still had lots of time before I get to work.

"I will like to see you tonight?" he asked startling me

My breathing becomes ragged as my heartbeat. Again, I felt that inexplicable pull, tug towards him.

"I...I" my heart racing in my chest, my stomach quivering madly. Unsure what my answer should be.

I closed my eyes for a moment. What the hell was wrong with me? I could do this. Submit. Have mind blowing sex with this god. Then his hotness would disappear and I would view him like another piece if office furniture.

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