60 Days Submission (Part 6, page 4 of 16)

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Part 6

"What would you like?"

"Coffee. Black, cream no sugar."

"Anything to eat Adela?" The sound of my name through his smoky, impeccable voice rose goose bumps on my arm.

I shake my head knotting fingers.

"There is nothing between Katrina and I Adela."

"So why was she there?" surprising myself at how jealous I am.

"Besides to beg, which is her usual demeanor. She needed help with a case." walking off to purchase our drinks.

She was a lawyer, working at the same law firm. The revelation only helped to dampen my mood further. The line wasn't long, so he returned in no time carrying a tray.

"I brought you a plain doughnut. I hope you don't mind." handing me the plate.

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