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Part 1

To: Juliet

Subject: Arrogant Jerk

I am not an arrogant jerk. I just hate lies besides having a particular preference in women. How was your big case.

My heart squeezed as I thought about all the lies I have already told.

To: D

Subject: Trying day

The case was adjourned until next week, thank you for your help with my case notes. You made the front page of the daily news, I am so happy, bouncing off the walls just pleased to know that you have won your case. Hopefully one day I may be as good as you.

All lies.

I was no lawyer, I never even went to law school. I was just a receptionist at the Waterman Property Development Agency. A job I had not landed on my own merit, but through connections from Jamie's step dad, Richard South, a billionaire tycoon.

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