60 Days Submission (Part 1, page 3 of 15)

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Part 1

Aka Darryl Quincy Stone.

I stood over her shoulder reading the contents.

To: Juliet (not my real name)

Subject: Meeting

When am I going to see you? You can't keep avoiding me forever.


I would for as long as I can, forever if possible.

To: D


Why so impatient? Didn't your date last night with Maria turn out well?


To: Juliet

Let's just say she wasn't what I had expected.She wasn't you.

To: D

Subject: Not what I had expected.

And what did you expect? You arrogant jerk. Not all women are blessed with amazing curves and large breast.

I grabbed the laptop from off her lap storming off to the amenity of my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. Just my way of letting her know that I was angry. He replied before I reached the bed.

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