60 Days Submission (Part 1, page 2 of 15)

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Part 1

I think she has finally won after choking down so many nyquils and tylenol flu symptoms capsules.

She squealed excitedly from across the room as D sent me an email. I groan strolling over to where she sat. A litter of moving boxes crowded our spacious two bedroom apartment. An apartment, I could never afford on my meager salary. It was a birthday gift from her rich step dad for her thirty first birthday.

Lucky her, all I ever got from my dad was a postcard and a lecture about my behavior.

I kicked aside a box disgustedly, we have been unpacking for two days and finally down to the last few boxes. This was cause for celebration, a drink at the local bar, not hurdling over the laptop chatting with a man like D.

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