60 Days Submission (Part 10, page 2 of 14)

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Part 10

He half smiles at my shock. "The world is made up of good and bad Adela." resting a finger tip on my shoulder, increasing the flames.

I flashed him a displeased scowl. "And which side are you on?“

"The good."

I watched as the hint of a smile crosses his face and something tells me that I couldn't believe him. He picks up the local newspaper reading the contents, leaving so much unsaid.

I look at him late thirties, early forties, stunning. Clean cut, though with a stubble pattern along his face. Sharp cheekbone. Tall, lean and suddenly frightening.

"Is it all true? What I see on the news, read in the papers about you."

He nodded, looking up. "I prefer to guide the next generation in the right direction rather than putting a gun in their hands or fucking them over in court, but I could be a monster if I wanted to and I protect what is mine and you belong to me."

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