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Part 2

The morning passed in a rush, mountains of papers clustered my desk. Four clients came to touch base, so I was back and forth, the phone ringing off the hook.

My belly fluttering as I thought of Darryl. In my mind, I remembered his breathtaking face and chiseled body beneath his custom made three piece suit and how much I wanted to run my fingers through his hair.

The phone rang jerking me back to the here and now.

"Eric Waterman's office, Adela Cornway speaking."

"Did you see him?" asked Jamie in a rush.

"See who?" lost, bewildered.

"Darryl. He called while you were asleep. I felt bad for calling him an arrogant jerk, so I told him where you are working. Do you know that they have an office on the nineteenth floor? What a coincidence. It opened today....."

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