60 Days Submission (Part 7, page 5 of 11)

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Part 7

Why didn't his name come up on my phone?

"I am coming over."

"No" I croaked looking out the window.

I should get out of here. I can't be alone with him. In a panic I hang up, pouring myself another glass of wine. Hoping to wash away the lump in my throat.

It rings again immediately and I slid it off the counter, dismantling my phone. Battery one way. Phone the other.

Okay, now he couldn't reach me. Nobody can.

I yanked out one of the teak wood bar stool roughly taking a seat. After Adrian, I had learned to read guys.

Which is why, I know that Darryl is bad for me. He and his sixty day proposal. I jumped, falling off the stool as he hammers on my door.

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