60 Days Submission (Part 7, page 3 of 11)

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Part 7

"I am not..."

"Adela, please don't say anything right now. I know I have hurt you and I am sorry. I made a lot of mistakes, but I love you."


Where did that come from? Is he high? Drunk?

"Okay" the shock in my voice quite clear.

"I know you don't believe me." Damn right I don't "But it's true. I always had. I always will. I will call you tomorrow, take care."

I hang up wondering if now would be the best time to collect my things, sever all ties.

The apartment smelled fabulous when I walked in. Jamie I had prepared dinner before she left to for Trey's place, leaving me a plate. Traisping over the floor into the kitchen, I made my way to the refrigerator, opening a bottle of wine. Resting my phone and handbag on the breakfast bar.

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