60 Days Submission (Part 7, page 2 of 11)

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Part 7

I know he was fine. Fucking, drinking, hanging out ever night. Not like if our relationship prevented him anyway.

"I want to see you. Today, if possible."

"No. I am rather busy. Hanging out with Jamie and Trey later this evening." I lied

"Oh, okay. Perhaps some other time." he sounds disappointed."I left your stuff the way you left it. Hoping one day you would come back"

I laughed. He was so funny. How many women have he slept with since I was gone?

Or better yet.

How many women have he slept with since we have been dating?

I spent three years with this guy on an on and off bases. He didn't treat me right, so I didn't care much about getting back together or his friendship.

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