60 Days Submission (Part 8, page 5 of 10)

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Part 8

"What is this?"

"My..b...b..breast" I stammered

He twisted my nipple and a sharp flare of pain twisted my stomach. I force myself to breathe. I am struggling feeling dizzy with lust.

"Wrong answer" squeezing them again. My ass move lightly off the floor. "They are mines. Every inch of your body."

I couldn't breathe. He's completely serious. I am holding my breath. My lungs burning. Wasn't there rules about this. His touch sending an aching need between my legs.

When I didn't answer, he thrust his concealed cock against my open thigh. Making me cry out.


"Answer me" he says darkly.

I release my breath in a rush. "Yours"

I lay here thinking. Okay maybe I wasn't up for this. Adrian had tried this a few times and I always said fucking no. I could feel his cock rubbing against my drenched kitten. My wetness staining his slacks.

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