60 Days Submission (Part 8, page 3 of 10)

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Part 8

A smile tickles the corner of his mouth, probably at my reaction.

"If it's a big deal with you. We can always start in the shower and finish off here."

"Excuse me?" I say. I wanted to say more, but all words fail me.

It wasn't an easy task, concentrating with him between my thighs like this. His clothing, the only barrier between our sexual organs.

He smiles again "You heard me." His voice low and seductive.

He leans his head his wet tongue connecting with my neck. Licking a straight line to my shoulder blade.

"You are so ready for me Adela." squeezing my kitten. Just to indicate what he means. The vibration of his words sends tremors to my core, wetting myself further.

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