60 Days Submission (Part 8, page 1 of 10)

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Part 8

My nipples tightening under my blouse.

"Please" I mumured

His tongue whipping passed my lips skillfully. Soaking into a delicious taste of our mixed saliva with each stroke of his tongue and I gripped the back of his head tightly.

He groaned and I distantly registered my ass hitting the floor. So much for my bed. So much for my plan.

I pulled on each stand as his kiss deepened. Stroking my own tongue with lush slides. The raging beat of my heart against his chest.

"I want you Adela."

I grunt with amusement, knowing that I wanted him too, unable to breath. My heart pounding against his muscular body, that trapped me against the floor like a caged bird. A sharp stab of need sizzled all the way to my pussy.

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