60 Days Submission (Part 9, page 4 of 14)

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Part 9

Monica or should I say Money-ca, stands there stun. She always gets this way when she happens to come across important, wealthy people.

Money was something my mother needed to be happy, unfortunately my dad didn't have much it and had to work his fingers to the bone to keep her happy.

"Famous hot shot lawyer, Darryl Stone." extending her hand to greet his, laughing nervously.

"The one and only." kissing the back of her hand. "I can see where your daughter gets her looks."

I scoff softly. Yes, I looked like my mom, but I got my eyes from my dad.

"Adela, I can't believe you didn't mention him. So how did you meet my daughter? What's your reason for been here." releasing his hand, her attention still not focus on me.

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