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Part 9

I was on my knees still gasping, wet and totally confused. Ready and willing when the door bell rang. Then came a loud knock, I froze.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

Then came a voice.

"Adela are you there? Please open the door."

It was my mom. Monica.

"Mom" I cough to clear my throat. "I'm coming." Mortified that she was here.

Darryl offered me his hand, his green eyes sympathetic. His hand clammy and slightly shaky. Sparks fizz between us from just this simple touch as he helped me to my feet. A curious look flits across his stunning face.

"Did you know that she was coming?"

"No" I confirm. Ironing out the wrinkles from my suit, running my fingers nervously through my hair.

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