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Part 1

"So, you're Gwen", Sofie said helping Gwen get her stuffs upstairs. "Technically, yes", Gwen answered with a appreciative smile on her face.

"Okay", She said while she opened the door before her "This is your room. Well you'll have to share it, okay?. 'cause you have two roomies, technically, three", "Wow, this is...nice", "Okay, before you get too excited, dinner is almost served. Come downstairs, Kay?", "Sure, Kay". They both giggled, like they were getting along. Gwen was now alone in the room. It was a nice one. Its wall was in a yellow-green and red paint, or maybe even wallpaper. It had two twin beds, each sitting on one right and left of the room. One of the beds were red, while the other was green, yes, matching with the walls. There was a shelf on the left side wall. It was red, again, matching the walls. On it, there were red and green lovely vases. While she touched the amazingly designed vases, someone walked into the room banging the door extremely loud.

"Christ",Gwen said with her index fingers in her ears. "If you break that, you'll be in hot soup from Rhoda",the boy said sitting on the red twin bed. He was wearing a black T-shirt with the word 'clean' imprinted to it. With a red cheque designed long sleeved shirt worn above the shirt, with a pair of black stylish jeans and a big belt. She taught maybe he was one of her roommates. But a boy? With me? Sharing a room? "Rh..Rhoda", "Yes, wait you haven't met her", he said looking confused. Now he was taking off his shoes and stood up wearing only his socks. "Let me give you an hint, don't look into her eyes, and don't look like a fool in her eyes",he said as he went back out. "Pshh,Mr grumpy is out", she taught to herself. So she decided to change her top and go downstairs, but she didn't think it was safe to change there when anyone could just bagde into the room the way they wanted to. So she locked the door and then changed into a plane white shirt that said 'Free, again', and unlocked the door and headed out to the dinning.


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