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Part 1

The question Is Did Elvis Fake His Own Death?

I'm going to start with what most people know about our beloved King Of Rock N Roll. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on a Tuesday and died on a Tuesday forty two years, seven months and eight days later. In the poem Monday's child is about people born on certain days of the week. Tuesday Child is a child full of grace. In the bible the word grace means Active love of God or that person is in favored by God. Elvis must have been favored by God to instill a beautiful voice like his. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in a two roomed wooden shack built by his father on Old Saltillo Road in Lee county East Tupelo, Mississippi.

His parents were Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love ( Smith ) Presley. It is known that he was the first child born in the early hours of dawn and the second child his twin Jesse Garon Presley was still born later that morning and buried in a unmarked grave in Priceville Cemetary near the two roomed shack. His ancestors was a mix of Scottish, Cherokee, and maybe Jewish. On Elvis birth certificate Vernon's age was listed as twenty years old but in reality he was eighteen. Also Elvis's middle name was written as Aron. Some people think Vernon accidently misspelled Elvis's middle name. A normal mistake especially from a young grieving parent of a child that was born dead.

On Elvis's birth certificate Vernon's age was listed as twenty years old. The reason for that lie was when Vernon and Gladys was married in 1933 Vernon gave his age as older but in reality Vernon was underage to get married. He was only seventeen but he didn't want what happened to his family years before and love couldn't wait On Elvis's birth certificate Vernon was listed as a laborer and Gladys was listed as a factory worker.

Vernon's grandmother Rosella Elizabeth Presley had nine or ten children without ever being married. One of her children Jesse D. McDowell Presley is the father of Vernon. In the sixties having children out of wedlock was frowned on so just think how Vernon's father was teased and bullied about his family's past. Some people were told that was the case by Vernon himself. Rosella Elizabeth Presley Elvis's great grandmother was born in 1861 and past away in 1924 meaning she had her children in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

At the age of thirteen Elvis moved to Memphis, By the timeTennesee with his parents. His father did odd jobs and his mother worked as a sewing machine operator to make ends meet. He graduated from Humes High School in 1953 at the age of eighteen. Elvis was also driving a truck for the MB Parker Machinist company for $33.00 a week and drove by Sun Records. In April 1954 Elvis switched jobs because his boss wanted him to cut his hair. He started driving for Boston, Little and Brown Company for $40.00 a week. Elvis paid $4.00 dollars to record a single. Side A was a song called My Happiness and side B was That's When Your Heartache Begins. It was a birthday present for his mother. it was said that his mother never heard it because the Presley family didn't own a record player.

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