Death (Part 1, page 5 of 16)

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Part 1

I shook my head vigorously and buried my head in his chest. It was my fault. I knew it but they didn't and if I could take it all back I wouldn't. I wouldn't watch him die. This moment, right here in his arms was right and worth it. He stroked my head and I relaxed forgetting my tears.

"I love you dad"

"I love you too Milianda don't you forget it"

We stayed like that for a while, I think I was at the brink of sleep till mum walked in with her awning disease, going 'awn cute husband' 'awn daughter and father time' I rolled my eyes and finally let dad go.

"Where were you?" I asked mum manovering to the chair close to dad's bed in blue sheets.

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