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Part 1

First off, I knew death was well death but to take a life was it even legal when it wasn't their time. I was angry for them and me. Was it death who took my life for the fun of it, just to play this stupid game of his.

"Why did you kill them?" I was angry. I could still feel him at the back of my head.

Kill them? Oh no. He laughed I didn't take their life's. Children these days die foolishly.

I still couldn't believe him and if he stood with me I would be glaring daggers at him or it.

You see he continued I take a life ones in 50 years therefore I didn't kill them. They were drunk doing what teenagers do at this time he explained and a pang hit my chest when I wondered what exactly they were doing. I felt bad but then I felt fulfilled. They deserved it.

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