Death (Chapter 6 - Maybe I should be glad, page 5 of 6)

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"Definitely a wrong Derick except the day my mum cried was the day I found out my dad had a lung failure in the hospital.

"Plus he had a scar on his wrist. I wonder what caused it?"

OK. Summary of what I heard. Derick was handsome, sweet, and had a scar. So unbelievable. Well I was yet to see the scar.

"Anyway darling, I came back to get somethings for your dad. Hope you'll be alright?" She touched my cheek seeking permission.

"Sure" I placed a kiss on her cheek and she got up to leave.

"Cook for yourself something hygienic and not juice" she scolded.

Knife on door I totally forgot. "Mum just so you know there is a knife on the door. I was playing target practice. I tried a sorry smile before she left. I slapped my forehead. How would I have forgotten.

Alone in the house. I was scrubbing, cleaning and actually cooking for myself. I was such a gluton especially when I cooked and wondered why I had not gotten fat yet. I ate my pasta, drowned my self in music and alcoholic wine. I was eighteen, it was something I could indulge in before death decided to bother me.

I have a game for you to play. He laughed maniacally and I had not even finished the wine yet.

"I wonder what it is" I replied nonchalantly and pain entangled my body.

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