Death (Chapter 6 - Maybe I should be glad, page 3 of 6)

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"Tom is not my boyfriend" I mumbled. Her eyes widened.

"Darling why. You guys were so good together" once opon a time I thought that. She made a pouty face kissing the air.

"Mum quit that" I rolled my eyes.

"How did all this happen without your father and I knowing. Do children this days just quit on something" she spoke to herself moving forward to meet me.

"So what happened"

"Don't want to discuss it"


"Because it's my matter"

I moved away from her, fuming at the unwanted memory towards my room. "Greet dad, I will come visit"

Knock knock

Please tell me am not going deja vu again. I have relived it twice and am not sure now is a good time.

"Can I come in" her voice almost pleading.

"Come in mum but if you gonna ask me about Tom and Michelle tough luck" I continued dressing barbie on my phone.

There was a pause before the door clicked open.


"Yes" I didn't look up from my phone

"Did Michelle and Tom hook up?" I froze. So she did her assignment when it wasn't needed. She moved towards the bed where I laid less interested in barbie now.

"How could they" I still didn't speak, I just stayed frozen hoping she wouldn't come closer.

"Am so sorry" she held me

"About what?" I wanted to be angry, I failed miserably as my voice broke. "What are you sorry for?" I found myself repeating as I laid on her chest sobbing, feeling pathetic, reliving that day in the toilet stalls. How could they? I sobbed some more relaxing to mums humming.

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