Death (Chapter 6 - Maybe I should be glad, page 2 of 6)

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The fridge was empty, all I could find was lime, a few esparagus, a slice of cake and box juice so I poured for myself a glass of juice and decided to eat the cake later in the evening before I went shopping. I sipped the juice till I heard the front door open and I slowly spun towards the door where mum walked in and was shocked a little that I wasn't afraid, then it clicked who could be scarier than death and not be afraid of me. I was top in my kick boxing class.

"Mum" I ran to meet her. "How are you?" I held her head in my hands checking for any sign of bruising.

"Darling, are you ok?" She laughed and I slowly removed my hands.

"I guess" I shrugged "so how is dad, tell me he is better" my enthusiasm returned.

She smiled "He should be back soon. The doctor said he is getting better but I will be going back. So how has the few days been?"

"Alright. Spent it with a friend"

"Michelle?" I had not told her, my face contorting in obvious disgust. "Not quite it seems. Aren't you guys best friends?" She pinched my cheeks.

"We aren't" I stated

"You brought Tom home?" She looked horrified "not like he isn't responsible. I like him" she moved towards the counter and placed the groceries. I was so preoccupied by her health I didn't see the bags. Well I guess no more shopping. "How is he anyway?" She turned to face me. It took everything I had not to break something.

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