Death (Chapter 6 - Maybe I should be glad, page 1 of 6)

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Omg... why were his lips taking so long to meet mine. I slowly opened my eyes to find him smiling down at me. He was perfect and I felt like a douche.

"What were you expecting" he smirked

"Nothing" I was fidgeting "it's not like I was thinking you were going to kiss me" shit. He laughed.

"You amaze me" he smiled but like the morning drifting into evening his smile faded and was replaced by steely cold eyes as he walked away without even a goodbye.

What did I do wrong now. I got into the house every bit embarrassed at what had happened as it kept replaying in my head. Why didn't he kiss me

Thank heavens he didn't

Did I look so horrible

I couldn't even stick to one statement in my head until I saw a knife fly my way and now I thought 'what the hell' I ducked early as the knife flew past me and dug into the door, the exact position were my head had been.

I was wondering when something like that would happen.

You are enjoying yourself too much. I do not like it. Deaths voice rang in my head.

Well at least one of your pawn isn't feeling it. Pain radiated through me.

But not enough. He vanished.

I went to the fridge when I was certain deaths presence was no more incase he wanted to trap me in the fridge. Really Mil, that's the best excuse you could come up with.

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