Death (Chapter 5 - A day out, page 3 of 5)

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He drove to some unknown joint saying he was yet to eat out since he just moved into town. The place looked clean enough with windows to view outside. I think it was called 'Jones'

"So what may I get for you" a petite girl with a nice face and dyed blonde hair asked for our orders except she seemed to be more interested in Derick because she just kept ogling him even while we gave our orders.

"Am sorry" I waved at the waitress to get her attention. I was hungry and a hungry lady is a bitchy one. "As you can see my friend here isn't interested" I glared at her and she scurried away.

"You jealous" Derick smirked

"You are so funny, my ribs ache" I said dryly looking outside.

"But that wasn't what I thought when I felt your eyes on me on the first day I walked into your class"

"You knew" he smiled "it wasn't because you were hot, just so you know"

"So am hot"

Yep, that's the only thing he could hear

I raised a hand "lemme finish will you" I sighed "it was because I felt your presence. I felt death and I could tell you were like me. How does that work anyway" I was seriously intrested and I propped my head on my hands staring at Derick with interest.

"We are linked, so we tend to feel what the other feels when you concentrate" I looked at him now, really looked at him and he reeked of sadness and betrayal. "Am sorry" I blurred out.

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