Death (Chapter 5 - A day out, page 2 of 5)

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-Nope, am bored

-Call your friends

-I don't have any. Except you

-Am not your friend

-Whatever, so when you bringing my car?

-When am fully awake. Let me sleep

-No, I want it now

-Don't pester me


-Next one hour



That went well. I picked up a book and began to read. It was so quiet and normal, it almost didn't seem right. Where were the accidents. I began to suspect every item that hung close to me to drop and find an uneasy way to kill me. I rolled my eyes at the thought of a movie titled final destination.


He must be here. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and walked towards the door.


"Here are your keys" he pulled out a key with a pink bear holder.

"I don't want them" I pouted

"I thought you asked for your car" he looked puzzled

"Yes, but not to drive it" he raised an eyebrow. "I want you to drive me somewhere, am hungry. Aren't you?"

"No thanks" he replied simply pulling out my hands, dropping the keys.

"I might drive off the road" I pouted again shuffling from foot to foot like a lost child "and do you know what that will make you" I teased "a bad person" I finished.

He laughed. Derick fucking laughed. It was deep,throaty and calling till he stifled it with a cough asking for the keys.

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