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Previously on Death's game


"So how are your peeps. You know parents, if I may ask?" And again I saw anger in his eyes but also sorrow.

"They are not my parents" he paused and looked into my eyes "After all, your parents do not murder you"


The bed was soft and yet I wasn't near sleeping. Derick had brought me home without a word except the bomb he threw before we got into the car saying he couldn't risk me driving off a cliff, so he would bring it back later like a gentle man he wasn't and yet I was reluctant to get off the bed after all no one was around. Mum was at the hospital with dad and I, yet to visit. I couldn't face him yet, I still blamed myself.

I rolled over to my belly with my phone in hand tempted to call someone except the only people I ever called or texted regularly was my boyfriend and best friend with'I love you's' and the betrayal still stung like a bitch although I couldn't compare it to Derick's pain. What would make them kill him?

So am calling Derick


-What! I could almost see him sigh in annoyance. I was such a pest

-What's up

-Am sleeping

-By twelve in the afternoon?

-What do you want girl

-Don't you know my name?

-Am in no mood for remembering names. Please stop texting me

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