Death (Chapter 3 - Deja vu, page 5 of 6)

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- bang -

"Milianda, honey your dad is on the way to the mall. I was thinking you should go with him, help out and get fresh air."

"Sure mum" I stammered. Now I knew my dream wasn't a dream. It was going to happen. He was playing with me again but I didn't care. I was going to save my dad.

I got up from the bed, took a shower, wore the same clothes and was out to find my dad by the car

"So how are you feeling?"

He asked the same questions and I replied the same way. He bought the same charm and I loved it just as much.

"Hope you like it"

"I love it. It's beautiful" I looked up the road, saw it coming and without warning took the staring wheel got us on the right path.

"There was a construction site there" I answered dad's unspoken question as he looked at me stunned.

"How did you know?" He asked, eyes on the road now.

"I passed here recently" I shrugged

"But it was too perfect a timing"

"Yeah, I guess we were lucky. Coincidence" I wasn't lying just not saying everything I told myself trying to justify my action. I couldn't have him worry about something I didn't understand either.

He accepted it and we made our way home without incedent and I was gloating to Him in my own abnormal way hoping He was listening to my thought the way he invaded them but my laughter was short lived when I saw my dad slump down on concrete.

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