Death (Chapter 3 - Deja vu, page 3 of 6)

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"What a nice way of telling me I stink" I rolled my eyes while dad smiled comforting mum and leading her out the door.

"Am sorry but I doubt this is the end" I whispered to no one in particular and followed behind but I could feel Him smile.

He watched but I didn't know who. He was etched in my subconscious since I died and I knew He was out for blood. Mine.

I blanked out immediately I hit the soft matress of my bed, to exhausted to think about I and Derick's conversation even though that little exchange wasn't called one.

I awoke to a bang on my door.

"Milianda, honey your dad is on the way to the mall. I was thinking you should go with him, help out and get fresh air."

"Sure mum"

I got up from the bed, took a shower, wore a three-quater jean, a black top and was out the door while my father stood by the door of the car.

"So how are you feeling?" Dad prompted. We had gone a few blocks in comfortable silence till he thought it was awkward. I shrugged

"Alright I guess, a little sore"


"The usual" oh wait except my best friend and boyfriend, yes the one you know were banging in the toilet. Got a detention slip. And met an arrogant, annoying guy called Derick Stawkins.

"Good" his hands stroked his hair. He was nervous about something

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