Death (Chapter 3 - Deja vu, page 2 of 6)

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"Why you and I? Were we destined for something" I felt stupid saying 'destined' did I think I was in some silly soap opera. He confirmed my stupidity. He laughed dryly "destined?" another laugh "this is a game" he looked me in the eye "you either survive or they kill you, mentally or physically and you are dying in both ways" he scoffed.

I was pretty sure he reffered to the accident physically and the dried tears mentally. He was right, I was screwed both ways.

"I made a mistake with you" he frowned and walked away leaving me, a bruised girl on the street. Another romantic and gentleman like act. Well at least he called 911.

They came into view, placed me on a stretcher, took me to the hospital and called my parents.

"Darling" my mum was at the verge of tears

"Don't cry, am not dead" I hugged her wincing at the contact "Dad do something about mum, she is taking this too seriously" I tried a smile.

"Death is not a funny subject" dad looked serious and I wanted to burst out in laughter. Since when has thinking of death been so funny. Oh yeah, when I died. I giggled inwardly. Only if they knew I was dead or supposed to die or be dead. This was confusing.

"We are your parent, we are supposed to worry" dad placed his hands on my shoulders and slightly squeezed. "Now let's head home, you need a bath"

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