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Previously on Death's game


"Not again" I said in a daze, all of the incident had been forgotten, the pain, the drama, the tears and all in that moment I knew was going to die again except this time I would remain dead as the car fell to the side and glided down the track.

I saw myself relive my death.


Panic rushed through me. My entire being was awake, I struggled with the seat belt till it finally unlocked. My head was on fire like I had been hit with brick as blood oozed from my cuts: my head, my arm, my leg. I wasn't going to die I told myself desperately ignoring the pain that shot through my body as I manovered my way to the other side of the door since mine laid beneath me but the train was getting close, and just when I was about to accept my fate a hand pulled me out rather roughly as I screamed in agonising pain. At least I was alive.

"Thanks" I whispered calming my racing heart, clutching my head before looking up at a pissed Derick. Why was he angry.

"Don't thank me. I only saved myself" he turned to leave. He always did that always left me in the dark

"I don't get it" I croaked

"Then you are stupid"

"Why won't you explain" I begged. I was desperate for answers.

"Like I said, we are bound, linked by a single life. If I die you die and if you die I die". Shit, and here I was thinking he was speaking in parables.

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