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The bell rang after two more plays by other pairs and all I could hear as I left were mumurs that followed behind me. "Derick is so fine, Derick is this, Derick is that"

I doubt they noticed he didn't give two shits about them. I rolled my eyes.

"Milianda" I dreaded this moment I knew that voice but my feet still moved to spy the dark haired, blue eyed boy, Tom before I continued on to lunch, he caught up with me and held me by the arm.

"What do you want?" I asked calmly pulling free

"Am sorry Milianda"

I tilted my head to the side taking in his imperfection to that of Derick.

"Sorry, I wasn't listening cause I noticed the red lipstick on your neck" and as soon as he tried to clean the invisible lipstick I turned to leave to hungry for his crap.

The lunch room was as rowdy as ever, people paired on tables but today, on my birthday I had no one to pair with, therefore I found my way to an empty table away from random chatter and began consuming my lunch till I heard a bang on my table.

"The hell" I looked up into the eyes of my ex backstabbing bestfriend

"Hi Michelle what can I do for you?" I gave her the time she wanted and went back to my lunch ignoring her glare.

"You know, you don't have to bitchy about everything. Everyone makes mistakes" she hissed. What a clown.

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