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"Milianda and Michelle"

I nearly growled out. I had totally forgotten about her existence. I couldn't even look at her or breathe her in the same air. The betray was too much for me to handle but I couldn't careless, the deed was done.

"Hi" her voice hit me like nails on chalk board. I ignored her and made my way to the right side of the net. The gym teacher finally blew the whistle. I took the first serve, it was beautiful better than the fine serves I made. I knew I was good but it shocked me. Michelle couldn't even touch it and when she served I smashed at the corners of the court listening to 'whoops' 'take that' 'woah'. Even miss Kloe looked amazed.

"Wow, why don't you pick someone else. I will like to watch you play again" she waved my way. Hmm. A certain person crossed my mind just to simply annoy. "Derick"

He came into the court looking annoyed, bored and if eyes could kill I would have been dead again. I nearly laughed. He served first, I gaped a little before moving to hit the ball. If I had thought I was good, I was wrong he had way more experience. We played, getting on each others nerves. None of us had made a hit till finally the ball bounced inside his court. I had won but I knew he allowed me too as he walked gracefully with males flexing out of the court. How did I get bound to him exactly and why him.

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