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Previously on death's game


"We are bound"

"What does that mean?" I asked to my better judgment.

His eyes narrowed as he broke each words slowly.

"You. Die. I. Die"


I really didn't know how a day could go from terrible to unbelievable although every cell in my body believed him.

"I don't get it, I thought I had died already" I spoke to myself down the hall on my way to my next class. Gym.

"Run two laps" miss Kloe clapped with command and every one including I spun into action. It was too easy, I didn't even break a sweat and trust me the field was almost as big as a normal track. I ran but it felt like a stroll. Maybe it's a perk of returning from the dead, but what had he meant being 'bound'.

"Good, very good Milianda, such stamina" she praised. It was very rare. "Go on, go catch your breathe till we begin lawn tennis.

"Yes ma'am"

I made my way to a bench and took a sip of water from my bottle as my eyes landed on Derick sitting a bench away looking at me. I decided to wave but he simply ignored the gesture and looked towards the incoming students. Wow, he was such a gentle man. I shrugged at the feeling of being ignored and just waited for miss Kloe to call out a name and another for i to play against.

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