Death (Chaper 4 - Meet Death, page 5 of 5)

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I unwrapped myself from those strong arms, feeling a little too much for him at that moment.

"Am sorry I spoke that way about your parents. It was rude of me" I apologised. I had regretted it but I couldn't tell him that, well until now.

"Am also sorry for the way I have been acting. Everything I had believed in was a lie" He shocked me. He was opening up to me. "So I didn't want any involvement" he concluded and I moved towards the car to rest on the bonnet. I was exhausted.

"So how are your peeps. You know parents, if I may ask?" And again I saw anger in his eyes but also sorrow.

"They are not my parents" he paused and looked into my eyes "After all, your parents do not murder you"

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