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I didn't want to know anything anymore, about my death, about him, or about the bound but before I went out of view I turned back to his poker face "I hope your death was worth the way you act now" pity laced my words. "We could have been friends" a sad smile tugged my lips and I walked home.

The pillow was heavy, I had cried too much that all I could do was heave and cough. It was my fault and now I wished I was like Derick, uncaring and strong but I wasn't.

What do you want from me. I was talking to Him. I could feel his presence.

I want to be entertained, see you suffer. It pleases me, Derick has become somewhat boring but amusing. He laughed.

And do you have a name? I was getting courageous, wrong move. A stabbing pain erupted in my head I screamed clutching my head.

You do not speak to me in such a manner. PAWN. He emphasised the 'pawn' but you can call me Death. He laughed. He must have felt me shiver in fear.

Good, now know respect child. Your father is bound to die. He chuckled at my sadness.

Why me? I was crying again but I was greeted by silence.

I got to cleaning. It always took my mind off things but it wasn't working, nothing was working. My heart ached like it had grown into a big hollow hole. I wanted all of this to end.

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