Death (Chaper 4 - Meet Death, page 2 of 5)

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Of all the times he picked now to show his devilish handsome face.

"Why do you keep popping up when I am in trouble" I shouted, I was angry clenching my fist at my sides. I wanted to slap him like he had jumped into my privacy.

"You shouldn't have saved him" he ignored my question and came up with that pathetic, infuriating reply. I reacted with my hand against his cheek. My palms burned on impact and still I wasn't satisfied because something kept me from hating him. Was it his piercing green eyes, his build or the sense of being secured in his presence and it annoyed me.

"Sure. I shouldn't have" I hissed but his cold glare remained unchanging then I lashed out "Do you even know how it feels to loose someone, am very sure your parents are alive aren't they?" Now his fist clenched. "So am getting a reaction" I poked at his chest

"You don't like the idea of me talking about your parents or the possibility of them dying, and you walk up to me telling me I shouldn't have saved my dad when I knew the end result" I laughed dryly "for some reason I don't hate you but I do pity you and although you might be strong physically and mentally you don't have something. Do you know what that is?" I was shocked he hadn't left "Well it's a heart and now you are just a perfect pawn" I was drunk on anger breathing harshly before walking out on him.

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