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Part 1

On the board outside of Chesterfield Community college was an adverstisement that read Wanted a group of thrill seekers out to explore the world of Archaecology.includes a eight week course in the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. The archaeological record consist of artifacts including a trip to ancient egyptian paramids. Kathy couldn't believe what she was reading. She thought is it really true. it seemed like a lifetime since she read the name that had signed the advertisement

‚Äč She was only a mere child when she heard that name for the last time and now a chance of a lifetime to meet up again with him. She grabbed the advertisement and got on her bike and peddled as fast as she could to Chris's apartment that he shared with four other young men, she almost fell running up the stairs and barged in almost hitting the pizza delivery guy right smack into his face. she skipped stairs to get to Chris's faster. When she burst in there was the young men and her four roomies all eating pizza and discussing what they were going to do this summer.

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