Death By Poisoning (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

Bethl Martin was the first to arrive in town for her aunt's funeral. Henry asked for an interview stating he wanted to know more about the elusive Mrs. Rockafellow

​They met at the Bosely Funeral Home. While being interviewed he learned that when Mr. Carl Rockafellow was drunk he would call his ex and threaten her from

​strangling her to shooting her saying that she was harrashing his new wife but the last time that she visited her there were no phone calls from Mrs.Ellanor

​Rockafellow to their house in the town a few miles away from her residence but there were numberous incoming calls from his place. She didn't know if it was​because he was drunk or if Shanon was just causing problems like she had until they were divorced and might be holding a grudge against her for when the press

release their divorce and the reason of him having an affair which a private detective took pictures of and then the press found out that Shanon was expecting a

​child from their affair and then Senator Rockafellow was asked to resign from his senate seat. She wasn't sure what he was doing nowdays.

​ He also learned that the last time that she was at her aunt's house that she had pulled up her cousin on the computer and showed her that he really was in the

service and had been interviewed and pictures of the crew was taken and then today when she arrived at her aunt's house there was a letter that her aunt hadn't had

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