Death By Poisoning (Part 3, page 1 of 4)

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Part 3

The toxicology report on Mrs. Rockafellow's body would take two weeks. The lab said it would be earlier than that on the food and glass. They started testing the food

. None of the sa,ples from any of the food she had consumed showed positive for any kind of posioning but the glass had a slighttrace of cyanide in her glass.

‚ÄčThe lab techinician stated that she ha brandy If she held it long enough the aroma would have been overwhelming and may have been what he smelled on her. He

had testing on the residue and identified it as sodium cyanide She difinitely was murder. now the question was by whom.

Dr. Jones asked the reporter Henry Whelcher to dinner at Applebees to discuss Mrs. Rockafellow. They met about six in the evening. About half way through their

dinner Dr. Jones brought up Mrs. Rockafellow. The reporter informed him that during the dinner she had complained about her accountant stealing money from her

trust accounts , her ex husband calling her threatening her, her nephew always needing to borrow a few bucks here and there, her neice who use to stop by but the

visits was becoming less frequent. When asked about her neice she said it was because she was in med school now. and one of Henry' co worker kept calling.

Those were just a few names there were several others but he wasn't sure where to start elimination the suspects except her neice He thought her neice was right up

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