Death By Poisoning (Part 5, page 1 of 3)

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Part 5

The funeral home was fairly empty except for the workers, her neice Beth, the current Mrs. Rockafellow and Mrs. Rockafellow church members. The room was

filled with mainly roses which Ellanor loved. Her lawyer and the reporter sat up front with Beth. She told them that she had been in touch with Chris and neither

of them wanted or needed that hugh mansion, so she had been in touch with an auctioneer and was selling the items inside the mansion and then would be

giving the mansion to a charity to be made into a home for families that children had a long term illness that was being treated at the local children's cancer

center. The money raised by the many items being auctioned off would be divided between Chris and her.

During the service different people got up and gave a nice sending off to Mrs. Rockafellow even though many times they had difference or little spats with her.

​When it was Beth's turn she spoke about her aunt raising her when her parents was off on another mission trip either with their church or for their church. Then she​read the last letters that Ellanor wrote to both her and Chris. She ended with she hoped her aunt would be pleased with their decision about donating the mansion to

become a home for families to stay in while their children was being treated for long term illness at the local children's hospital saying that a lot of people

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