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Part 1

The Governor's cleaning staff worked cleaning the banquet room throughly from top to bottom changing the bulbs in the eight chandlers containing twelve

​ bulbs in each chandler replacing every single bulb whether it needed it or not. The governor wanted it to be brightly lit so nobody especially Mrs. Rockafellow

couldn't complain although he knew no matter how throughly it was cleaned she would find at least one thing to complain about. She always did.

He ordered his staff to dust a second time especially around the staircase coming down then do a white glove test on it. One time the cleaning crew missed one

rung on the stair and she picked it up with her white glove test and he thought he had stepped into world War Three. Not only did Mrs. Rockafellow

complained about it and then the governor's wife tried to defend the cleaning crew she was so belittled to the point she was in tears and when he came to her

defense Mrs. Rockafellow stated to him just look at the trash that you brought in here to be the first lady she;s the first tramp of this God Almighty state.

​ The cleaning staff swept and mopped the banquet room throughly not once but twice. They placed the tables in the banquet room and only after they were cleaned

in the hallway. Then the staff placed pretty rose design tableclothes on the big tables that sat from eight to twelve people alternating with a pretty pink velvet table

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