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Part 1

Sam Chambers had recieved the excellence award from the National Forensic Institute for his participation in wiping out several virus and diseases which was spread through mosquitos by changing their genes to reject those viruses. He decided to take a well needed break and went back home to Chesterfield county.He was in the middle of remodeling his family's old home when he read an obituary of a local homeless man. The newspaper listed the cause of death of Latrogenic disease.

‚Äč Sam shook his head and thought the newspaper had been mistaken since he had not heard of any disease known as Latrogenic disease. He finished hanging all of the bottom floor shutters and decided to let his friend's construction company to put the shutters on the second floor windows and would ask him when they met at the local pool hall for a game or two and dinner later in the evening. After showering he heard his phone answering machine beeping and listened to the message he had missed.

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