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Part 1

For the Hamiltons things were going fairly well with graduation day just around the corner and summer ahead Linsey planned to spend sometime over seas with her grandparents at their lighthouse. She remembered when she was little playing there and her grandfather would keep a constant eye on her while she was playing outside. One summer when she went to visit he had a fence built and she was allowed to play by herself in the fence area only. Graduation came without a hitch then Memorial day Linsey and some of the graduating class spent a week in the countryside of Scotland riding horses and doing some shopping

‚Äč Thr tenth of June Linsey's mother recieved a call from her parents that her mother Elizabeth was under going heart surgery. Linsey's f ather couldn't leave the business and fly to America so Linsey volunteered to go. Her mother and her packed a couple of bags and took an international air flight to New York then a connecting flight home' When they arrived home the news was not good for them. The damage that Liz's heart attack had caused was very sever. They were able to talk to her a little while. When Linsey' mother went out to the hall to talk more to the hospital staff grandma Liz as she liked to be called told Linsey she knew her father would talk her mother into putting grandpa Jim into a nursing home and that would kill him so she asked Linsey not to let that happened. Linsey promised grandma that wouldn't happen

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