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Part 1

Elvira enjoyed horror movies and when she saw a want ad on her school librariy's bulletin board needing help at a coming soon to your area haunted house she was impressed and scrolled down on her cellphone and sent in her application and thought now it's pay back time my bff's. She took the ad down so they wouldn't see it. Her bffs and her was always trying to be the first one to pull some kind of a prank on the others. She hadn't done it awhile so it difinately was her turn to be the prankster

‚Äč She went home and dressed in her long vampire dress which she had made to resemble the horror movie hostess Elvira and actually with her long black hair and her height she made a good Elvira the mistress of the dark. She drove her mother's car to the Simmon's house just a few blocks from school and rang the door bell which sounded a lot like the doorbell of the Munster's tv show doorbell but a lot louder and scarrier. She heard a voice that sounded a lot like boris Karloff telling her that they were taking application in the kitchen to come around to the back door. When the manager of the haunted house took one look at her she was hired on the spot. Elvira left there thinking it difinately is my time to pull some good old pranks.

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