Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 3, page 3 of 3)

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Part 3

the basement. The priest told her that even though she had not been charge with anything much less found guilty of anything the church board would frown on her

staying there if they knew she was. so as long as she kept a low profile every thing should be okay.

​ She called her mother and left a message and the church name and sister Anna's number where she could be reached. She told her mother that she could​not leave Chicago and she could not tell her but she had never lied to her mother before and she wasn't going to start now so she told her mother what mess she

was in but she felt that God or someone was watching out for her. Her mother told Julie she wished that her sister was doing better so she could come home. Julie

​assured her mother that was where she needed to be and she would be alright. She also gave her mother FBI agent Walters telephone number.

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