Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 3, page 2 of 3)

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Part 3

her off.

​ When her old boss heard about what had happened she was fired the only job she had so now she really was up a creek without a paddle. With her mother

over in France and no other family members and not one of old co-workers not wanting to communicate with her she wasn't sure what she was doing to do but she

knew she was between a rock and a hard space. She put in application everywhere she could think of and every time that she was being investigated she would

be turned down. She called agent Walters and told him that they might as well arrest her on something at least in jail she would have a roof over her head and three

meals a day. He called a friend of his and told him that he really felt that Julie was being straight with him and wasn't sure how she fit into the plot to kill Judge

Landers but didn't fell like she was a threat to anyone could he help out. His friend agreed to let her stay at his place.

​ Agent Walters picked Julie up at the truck stop and took her Saint Paul's church where to Father Ryan and he showed her to her room and told her that her

duties would b to clean the chapel, the confessiona lbooths the visiatation room when there was a funeral the family would gather in. the lobby of the church.and

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