Death At The Cooking Academy (Part 2, page 3 of 4)

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Part 2

and greenbeans,a garen salad with her homemade ranch dressing, homemade corn medley, and homemade dinner rolls with butter. The judges gave her one

hundred percent. Julie's serving girl got sick and had to leave so a substitute. Julie told her to warm two of the side dishes in the microwave and serve them with

​the cordon bleu chiken she was slicing into pieces which would make rolls. The judge that was picked for her dinner was Judge Landers. He gave her a zero and

wrote one was nothing but something you would feed to the pigs. Then he got to feeling very poorly and collasped. By the time the paramedics got the cooking

​academyJudge Landers was dead. The police thought due to the witnesses and talking to his family he died of something suspicious and had the FBI ran lab for

​cyanide and other chemicals that could have killed that quickly. The questioned Julie for a long time and they were taking samples of all of the dishes they thoughf

​someone had put the poision in. When Julie saw the dish that he had given her a big flat zero on she explained about the subsitute gave him her supper. it will do Her

mother had taught her that when they had no money you use whatever leftovers you have and make up a name for it and even though it may not like good it

​will do you over till you get paid and here her money was gone untill the competetion was over so she scraped it into a bowel and called it poor man's goulash.

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